We Begin At The Beginning…

Do we? Begin at the beginning, I mean. Common sense says anything you start has to start at the beginning but of course you and I know that one thing common sense isn’t is common. If it were, we wouldn’t be in this mess we find ourselves in, the World over.

Whether it’s Trump implementing policies affecting not just the USA but the World to Brexit, that affects not just the UK but Europe, or rather those countries grouped together under the EU umbrella, that we’re now told the will of the people have decided they don’t like standing under so we’re going to soak up that rain and bathe in it’s misery.

That will by the way is the often touted 52%. What we should always take into account is that it is really 52% of the 71.8% of people who were eligible and who bothered to vote, or 37.34% of the population in real percentages.

I don’t have terrestrial TV or SKY/Cable and I don’t buy or read a newspaper. I acquire episodes of the few shows I follow that are not on NetFlix so I never see the news but I read the BBC and FT websites most days for the headlines.

I tend to prefer longer read articles such as the LRB and, perhaps surprisingly, independent magazines, the majority overseas based, which I love for the sheer diversity of content that I don’t associate with the UK media at the moment, other than from the independent scene, where it is really hard to compete. That’s another topic; back to the news.

Internet articles with headings crying out for a reason to explain why traditionally left wing voters are suddenly lurching to the right.  We seem to forget that voters are swinging wildly from traditional sides is down to a duo of reasons, the obvious one is the policies differentiating the main parties are barely resonating with voters  and also because they are punch drunk from the beatings they’ve taken from our barely regulated press.

Each government does its deals with press barons, hello Rupert Murdoch, so the population gets brainwashed with whatever story is required to keep it in check. If there’s any chance that people will start poking around in serious stuff they’ll quickly release a reality TV or washed up celebrity expose to divert our attention.

The rise of the internet quickly exposed their weaknesses and so they rushed to get in on the ground floor, in order to capitalise on technology. The Mail Online is one of the most visited sites in the world. It’s fast approaching satire instead of news and is so poorly thought of Wikipedia no longer accepts it as a recognised source.

They may have deep coffers but as we know, money and ego doesn’t equate to having brains. I’m looking at that buy-out of MySpace Rupert, what dirt did Tom have on you that made you pay so much??

All this brings me back to the beginning. Is that always where it starts? Of course it is…except when it is not.  This week I went to the launch of Fuller’s London Pride Unfiltered. It was tasty enough.

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