All change…

Well, having changed hosts for my main site I realised that I couldn’t easily configure my old blog for this one. After giving the matter some thought I decided that I would just get a whole new domain for Omneo rather than making it a sub domain, so to that end ladies and gentleman of the internet world I give you! I still of course use which is the address many of you will know, and love I am sure!

I’ve integrated as my blog tool of choice which is better than my old one but of course it does mean I’m at the mercy of a third party, but it means I get to use fancy features and with then integration of Picasa’s Hello software posting photos is a heck of a lot easier!

So, what else is new? Well, the simple answer is not much! Work is still work, never let it be forgotten that a salary is just compensation for the loss of time and energy spent doing someone that, given the choice, the majority of us wouldn’t do anyway!

Socially things are picking up, it has to be said that over the past few months the sessions with the good doctor have been paying dividends, even if only in clearing my head of a lot of the worries and anxietites I had, many of them unfounded!

There have been a few dates, many of them through Snog London and one or two others via friends of friends. I can truly say I have met some very nice, good people; so far, touch wood, not a weirdo in sight! One or two people I’ve met I’ve liked immensely and though I would love to say Cupid struck us both with is arrow, I think cupid’s been on the cooking sherry again! That said there is someone I like a lot and I’m very content to just be friends and grow on her (not like a wart tho!) in the hope that she’ll think I’m as lovely as I think she is… Time will tell?!

All in all I feel much more relaxed with life, as I said to the good doctor today, I actually feel happy and I can’t ever remember saying that out loud let alone to someone else!

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