Well, I have this week off work, I decided I needed some rest & relaxation – so what have I managed so far? I’ve indulged my insomnia by sitting up until 5am reading the paper before going to bed where I’ve then slept until mid afternoon. Today i have not even bothered dressing, bar the obvious T-shirt & boxers – instead I just turned the central heating on!

Before I know it, it will be Monday and I shall I have to return to work but for now I’m enjoying doing not very much, other than tinkering with the sites and listening to music – thanks goodness for internet radio, saves me changing CD’s every hour or so.

Tomorrow I must get up early as I have ordered my shopping on line and amongst the many goodies I have requested will hopefully be some new cleaning materials, I have enough to start cleaning today but the reality is I can’t be arsed so I figure that when I have a full fridge and pantry I will be enthused to clean.

For the first time in 6years I have agreed to venture out for Christmas day, when i shall spend it with friends. it’s strange, usually I have no desire to go out and ‘mingle’ over Xmas but this year I can’t really bear to think about another 10 days sitting at home, eating and drinking with no one to talk to. Sheesh! These visits to the good doctor are certainly changing me!

One thing I did feel today was lack of someone at home, I pottered in the kitchen, made myself a bacon sarnie and a cuppa and thought, “Wish I had someone to cook for” This is most strange, whilst I have many times thought that it would be nice to have people over to cook for, like the old days. This time i think I really wanted someone ‘special’ someone more than a visitor…what does it all mean?? I think it means I want a girlfriend…bah! what am I thinking? I must discuss with the good doctor next week and see if we can’t knock that idea out of my head!

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