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OK, it has been brought to my attention that I don’t blog enough. OK, so only 1 person has told me this, ergo I figure only 1 person is reading this but whether it is 1 or 1,000 I guess I should try and write more to entertain whoever is reading.

Hmm… perhaps entertain is too strong. I did wonder about this earlier today. Do I write for myself or do I write for others? Obviously I write for myself, because if I did it for others they’d be bored pretty quickly, unless of course they were really slow readers! I used to write more, most probably if I forced myself to sit down and open up blogger I would write more but I think, “Bah, can’t be arsed I’ll do it tomorrow” Kal ho naa ho (that’ll make sense to someone)

Usually when I blog I just write whatever is going on in my day/week/month/life/head, recently I started to think is it such a good idea to be so open about things, after all what if some unknown person is reading this who just happens to be a raving loon and decides to stalk me?? Of course the other thing is what if some of the people I mention read this and then have an idea of what I think about them? Could be a problem… perhaps I’ll just change their names in future, let’s see what happens!

Work is pretty good, I’m really enjoying things much more since I started doing case work. I’m excited and nervous about starting my IT training next year which the charity is paying for. It was always one of those things I really wanted to do but never really had to worry about because I knew I could never afford the £13,000 that was needed. Now of course that money isn’t an issue I have to face the reality that I now have to see exactly how smart I am, will I be able to retain the information required? What if I am stupid and fail? all that money down the drain….needless to say I’m putting off thinking about it until closer the time, I am booked for the 2 foundation modules in February before starting the MCSA course properly in April methinks. No doubt you’ll read more about that next year.

I came very close to asking someone out today. Actually I did ask her out but I believe she thought I was joking, which I wasn’t but I didn’t really expect her to take me seriously so I didn’t push it. Of course she did highlight some problems even if she had taken me seriously and said yes, she lives in Manchester and works weekends while I live in London and work Monday to Friday so we’d not really see much of each other. I did contemplate building a timetable of days I can take off midweek to go up but then realised that would be silly… or would it? Most of my life I’ve spent so much time worrying about rejection that I never pose the question in the first place, I give up before I begin. I’m getting a little sick of it to be honest.

It’s been 8 months since I stopped seeing the shrink and it’s bizarre to see how much I have changed in that time. I go out more, doing some of the things I always wanted to do but never did for one reason or another. I don’t even smoke weed much anymore, i always thought I’d still continue to smoke away after I stopped the harder stuff but gradually I realised i wasn’t getting as much enjoyment out of sitting stoned alone at home as i used to. Perhaps thats why i blogged more, because i was stoned and just writing as I thought, now I’m internally filtering my thought process before my fingers hit the keyboard?! Hmm.. i may ponder that thought some more, perhaps over a spliff ;) I think I’ll try and get some for Xmas as it’s been a while and I wouldn’t mind feeling that warm, cuddly feeling of being stoned while enjoying some deep n dark house music.

Speaking of which, Unknown FM is rapidly becoming my 24/7 music supplier. Most of my text allowance is spent on texting the DJ’s and what a quality bunch they are, every flava of house is covered and I’m loving it big style!! hard to pick a favourite DJ as there are so many damned good ones but be sure to catch Georgia Girls Sunday Sanctuary, I nickname it Aural Ecstasy! Dominique Danielle does Saturday afternoon, Papa G has a wicked Wednesday night slot. SophieDJ on a Tuesday night is awesome as is PlayGirl on Sunday afternoon. Don’t forget DJ Pierre on a Saturday morning and speaking of mornings Miss Crazy D will wake you up no problems during the week. I know I’ve missed loads of DJ’s but trust me, they all play quality house music.

Right, time I went off and did something else, Papa G’s show has just finished and the track on now is I superb I just have to get up and dance!! yes, people who know me might be surprised to discover I now have no shame in bustin a move but its OK, I close the curtains ;)

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