Friends, Martians, lend me your ears!

So, I was listening to some music a short while ago. A short play list of house tracks I selected to listen to for my ‘Friday night just before payday’ evening. Knowing I’d do very little over the weekend I indulged in a bottle of wine and a bottle of ginger beer when i went to buy the office lottery syndicate’s tickets on the way home. But I digress…

So here I am, thinking to myself, Mmmm yeah nice to hear that track again… the problem with always listening to shuffle mode is I forget those little obscure mixes I often prefer to the ‘main’ one. Then, as I browsed a torrent site looking for inspiration I heard the opening bars to a favourite track that I instantly realised I hadn’t heard for some months, Roland Clarke’s Resist. I don’t care what you think about house music; you may love it, you may hate it. All I ask is that you listen to the words spoken. Less than 6 minutes of your time is all it will take… actually, maybe under 5 as the last minute is mostly instrumental :) Click
to listen

In other news… I watched Hot Fuzz and didn’t find it as funny as the reviews led me to believe it would be… either my sense of humour is fucked (possible) or the general calibre of ‘British’ comedy is so low we all just pretend it’s great… because it’s British. Which is exactly the sort of stunt that fucking Australian/American bastard Murdoch would pull by selling subliminal advertising space to those flogging dead horses… Given the number of homes with fucking Australian/American bastard Murdoch’s satellites tv systems installed, don’t be surprised if you read about the ‘shocking revelations’ of how advertisers used subliminal advertising on network TV with the full knowledge of the network broadcaster in about 30 years time when it’s eventually uncovered… just remember, when it feels like déjà-vu it’s only because you read it here first!

I’ve a few topics that I could blog about, the problem is getting myself in the mood to type it all out. I’m just sometimes a bit of a lazy bastard when I get home… Office for work, home for relaaaaax :-)

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