Music Matters

Today’s blog I’m turning over to music or more specifically I’m turning it over to a selection of 20 tracks that say a lot of what is in my head. These are tracks where the lyrics alone justify their inclusion but topped with the choooons they are pretty awesome =)

So, get yourself comfortable, fix yourself a drink, sit back, relax and listen. For those of you with kids around the home who can’t afford yourselves the luxury of sitting down for more than 90 seconds, just turn the sound up and carry on with your hectic day, these work pretty good as background sounds too =)

One of the interesting things I’ve realised AS (after shrink) is that after all that time I spent thinking I was alone in the world in agonising over some ‘trauma’ or other, I wasn’t fully understanding the words to a lot of the songs I was listening to. Sure I could recite any number of Bruce Springsteen songs to you from albums such as “Darkness on the Edge of Town” or “The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle” but what I failed to realise of course was that while I felt as if some of these songs were written just for me, at that particular moment in my life, there were millions of other people around the world thinking the exact same thing, at the exact same time. I spent a lot of time thinking I lived in a vacuum. If I only knew now what I knew then ;-)

I’ve always held music in high regard. I’m not going to lie and claim to be any sort of music ‘expert’ as I’m not at all convinced that such a thing exists. We are all music ‘experts’ and we’d realise that if we’d stop thinking we aren’t. People have such little faith in what they actually hear that they are content to read someone else’s review of the same thing and even though they may undergo a rapid transformation from mild mannered Joe Shmoe eating his slightly salted buttered toast topped with damson jam to Brigadier Wilfred P Montessori (Retired) as he coughs and splutters his toast over that week’s edition of Not Musical Entertainment, they’ll reluctantly defer to this ‘experts’ viewpoint and assume they have better hearing than or a deeper understanding of the lyrics which mean they are right and whatever anyone else hears and interprets is wrong. I have 2 words in response to that…FUCKING BULLSHIT!!

Music matters whether you can hear what’s being said or not. I’ll admit, I’ve tried and failed to get into the music of bands such as Slipknot but I respect the right of the music to exist for those that can get into it. I’m pretty sure Slipknot fans would feel the same if they encountered my Billy Joel collection =)

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