Blogging Overload

Wooo Eeee! Someone has too much time on their hands! Well, actually, the reason for this impromptu post is because I felt I had to come mention my garden =) I had just made a cup of tea and was standing at the back door listening to the birds twitter and the flies buzzing around, the wind blowing through the trees. And it struck me how lucky I am to have this little oasis. it has to be said that whilst I’m envious of my neighbour who has many flowers and plants growing in her small scrap of garden, I do prefer how mine looks but I really have Winton and Bridget from upstairs to thank. When I moved in they pitched me with their vision for how the garden could look if we ‘joined forces’ and made one big garden rather than the usual 50-50 split, well, it is a 50-50 split but we both got what we wanted and with the shared area have a far better deal. Winton and Bridget are a Kiwi couple, I forget what Winton’s actual job is but it’s something to do with the environment and it shows from how he sculpted the garden.

I spent a little while this past week tidying up the garden and thinking what to try and grow this year. Now that I have moved the fuschia and I have the space for deeper rooted veg I’ve decided to try carrots and zucchini, 2 things I love to eat =) I’ve also decided for some colour, other than the roses I’ve planted some lilies, a mix of colours which should, if they grow, add a burst of colour this year.

Here are some photos of how it looks today, I love everything about it, right down to my ‘top cat’ style trash can :p

This impromptu posting also allows me to get in a track from an album I’ve been listening to and really enjoying again. When I moved to London in the late 80’s I had a few cassette’s I played to death, mainly old stuff that would embarrass most people but I still enjoy it. Bands like The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Gallagher & Lyle, Toto, Rod Stewart, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel etc. etc.

It’s funny, at work I mentioned an episode from when I lived in a civil service hostel, I was kicked out for coming back drunk one night and writing on the wall with chalk that the manager of the hostel was a woman of loose morals. She gave me a week to move out and in that week I found a flat share less than 10 minutes away, on the other side of Haverstock Hill and when I went to return the keys and get my deposit the deputy manager said that all I had to do was apologise and she’d let me stay. it never entered my mind at the time that an apology would have made any difference, I had embarrassed her and her authority would look worthless if she didn’t do something, or so I thought. Anyway I had already coughed up 8 weeks rent to move into the flat and I was looking forward to getting to cook for myself!

But I digress, as usual, from the point, which was back then I can remember the good times, laughing and joking in the Belsize Tavern with the jukebox blaring. Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction was on heavy rotation together with this gem from Eric Clapton, Layla. I found the cd whilst rummaging through my collection and forgot how much I missed hearing them, I had momentary flashbacks to the pub, suddenly going back to moments when I had heard the musical intro as the jukebox kicked in over the crowd of the pub, they were good times. And lately, when one of Clapton’s tracks comes on my ipod as it shuffles its way through the play list, I look out the window of the bus, or around me in the tube or street and I think, 18 years on and things are feeling just as good now as I remember them feeling then. Back when I wasn’t worrying about what I was doing, I was just immersing myself into doing stuff, that’s where I wanna get back to, just enjoying the ride for as long as it lasts. Whose with me? If we share the ride we can reduce our carbon footprint, which means we can travel twice as far =)

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