Too much time…not enough time…what is time?

Today was one of those days when it seemed like all the niggly little things that I don’t like about my life – think: work (abundance of), love life (lack of), social life (lack of), money (lack of), inspiration (lack of) – descended en masse to annoy the shit out of me, knowing that I am powerless, due to apathy, to do anything about them.

Now, before you start dispensing a lecture to me, via the screen (trust me, I can’t hear shit) that everything is within my control, rewind and read what I said… I’m powerless due to apathy. I know what the root cause of the problem is, I just can’t, at this moment in time, be fucked dealing with it… 2007 is heading into the final straight so why worry about it for now? I shall try making one of those new year resolution things, you know the ones, make n break within a month…2008 I’ll try being less apathetic, or something like that, who gives a fuck anyway?!

I tell you one thing tho, I’m back at that stage in my life where I wish I had kids but at the same time wondering what sort of irresponsible fuck up would I be to bring a child into this world which, if you would believe the media, is on course for meltdown in 30 years or so… Don’t they get it? Earth goes through a whole cosmic Buddhist cyclic birth/re-birth thing… where else do they think the dinosaurs and cavemen went? It’s quite obvious the high levels of methane in the farts of those herbivores shot a hole in the ozone layer the size of Kazakhstan and put an end to them, why should we try and fight the inevitable? Let nature do it’s thing.. now get up and turn on all your electrical appliances and print off my blog on your colour printer, not only will it save your eyesight it might help you spot the end when it comes…

Now, I might as well end this entry with a suitably upbeat musical interlude and what better than a remixed, dance version of a classic Rolling Stones track?? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you Alex Fakey and Painted Black

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