3 Issues of Maxim for only £1

If you’ve ever read Maxim you’ll know what a great magazine it is, it’s the biggest men’s lifestyle magazine in the world. Why? Because Maxim is both sexy and smart. Every issue of Maxim is packed with a winning blend of the hottest women from all over the world, side-splitting humour, the latest in fashion and the smartest new gadgets on the market.

AND I’ve found a great offer on the net, much like yesterday’s post where I found a link for FourFourTwo, this one offers you 3 copies of Maxim for only £1.

OK, so they make money on the assumption that you’ll continue the subscription, which is still lower than the price you’ll pay in-store but all you have to do is cancel the direct debit instruction and you’ll have bagged 3 copies for less than the price of 1… can’t say fairer than that can you?? (OK, technically you could if they offered 3 copies of Maxim for free, but they’re not!)

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