DMB – Big Whiskey & the Groogux King

I am, it has to be said, looking forward to June.  Not only have I got tickets to see the Kings of Leon at the O2,  I managed to be awake early one morning to buy tickets to a dream ticket gig at Hyde Park.  Finally, after almost 25 years as a fan I’m going to see Springsteen live and what makes it all the more exciting is because Dave Matthews and his Band are the support act… really, does it get any better??

Well, actually it does, DMB, as they are known by those too lazy to type out their full title have a new studio album coming out on 2 June.  It’s a strange old title and I’m curious to know what it all means, obviously not curious enough to have googled it but curious nevertheless.  I happened to note that have the album available on pre-sale for £8.99 tho for some reason they don’t know what it’s called?! For the avoidance of doubt it’s going to be called Big Whiskey & the Groogux King

If you are quick you can get an MP3 of the first single from the album, Funny The Way It Is, from RCA Records in return for your email address, it’s a good track and whet’s the appetite for the album and of course the gig!  Dave is also doing 2 gigs at Brixton prior to Hyde Park and I think you can still get tickets for one of the at Ticketmaster UK.

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