Love is in the air…

A few entries prior to this one I mentioned the Eurostar sponsored Singles Little Break. The premise was simple, just detail either your worst date, your most romantic date or explain how you know it’s love.  I entered with a shortened version of my disastrous last encounter with Aurélie.  Guess who won a day trip to Paris?  Needless to say I am now as nervous as hell.  25 single guys and 25 single girls being taken to Paris for a day of fun and flirting probably has all the makings of a reality TV show…whether it would be a ratings winner is any-one’s guess.

I have to say, this year has been a fairly lucky year.  I have a case of champagne under my bed which I won, typically after I decided to stop drinking alcohol for a year!  I’ve won numerous draws held by The Independent newspaper although I’m guilty for not taking up half of them.  On Monday for instance there is the premiere of the Adventure Film Festival with drinks and a Q & A session with some of the stars including Jack Osbourne.  Truth is it’s not my cup of tea so McPot and the big guy are going instead.  My highlight of the week will be going to the Emirates on Tuesday to watch THE Arsenal take on Olympiacos, George the Barber is coming with me.

The next week will see me no doubt develop a dozen or more stress spots, just in time for my trip to Paris, as I try and decide what to wear for the day.  It’s a 6.30am start returning to London at around 10.30pm so obviously something comfortable is the order of the day but at the same time it will need to be smart-ish as the whole reason for going is to try and find some romance with one of the lovely ladies and we all know lovely ladies like guys who don’t dress by grabbing the first clean-ish thing they find on the floor, or do they?  Either way, I think I’ll fare better face-to-face rather than the miserable experiences I’ve had with on-line dating…

I’m pretty certain on-line dating is great, goodness knows I know quite a few couples who’ve met on-line and who are very happy together.  I just don’t think I’m quite cut-out for it.  I browse profiles and see lots of people I think, “Hmmm…they sound interesting/WOWSERS!” often I add said person to my favourites with every intention of sending them a message but do I? What do you think?  I’m no good at the whole perseverance thing, people say I should just email everyone and trust the law of averages that some will reply but the reality is after the first 2 or 3 messages I get tired of describing myself and that probably shows in the message and thus guarantees no reply and because of those non-replies I feel even less motivated the next time I come across a WOWSERS profile.

It doesn’t help that I’m fast approaching 40 and the females on most dating sites my age are looking for Mr Settle-down-and-grow-old-with while I’m still thinking I’m 25 and want to explore the world, throw caution to the wind and here it comes…have children!   Most women my age already have kids and don’t want any more and the child-bearing aged girls are not interested in an old-fart who is nearly 40 and doesn’t drive a Ferrari…a generalisation I know but no less accurate for it!

Having said all that, on-line dating is big business, I should know I have 2 sites that have 1,000’s of members with hundreds joining every day.  There seems to be no shortage of people looking for Love, Romance and of course SEX!  That’s why I have 2 sites; Selfless Mind Dating is a traditional Love and Romance site with men and women who are serious about finding the one.  Selfless Mind Meets also has a client base of people looking for Love but they are more upfront about their desire for sex.  I tend to refer to it as Adult Dating for Grown Ups.  This is to differentiate it from sites run by which is, to me, an altogether more casual affair where people are just looking for sex and nothing else.   Funny to think that you probably fall into one of those 3 categories if you’re trying on-line dating and most people will say they are looking for  love and romance when in reality all they want is the sex!

In other news, on Thursday I met Jen and we went for dinner at Mon Plaisir before going to see Avenue Q.  I’m trying to figure out when/if I should tell Jen I think she is the yummiest thing since ice-cream.  She also happens to make me feel very comfortable in my skin.  Every time we meet I wish time would stop as I hate it when it’s time to call it a night, we always have something to talk about, on Thursday I discovered she is as passionate about books as I am…pity she’s recently split with her partner of 7 years, I’m sure she is not looking for anyone else right now…C’est la vie as my French chums would say, actually has anyone ever heard a French person use that expression?!  Still, at least when I see Jen she boosts my confidence as I’m always convinced I have no conversation in me when I meet someone I like, around her I can’t shut up…no wonder she turns down more dates with me than accepts.  Will help for the Paris trip.

Right, time to wrap things up here.  It seems that the hard drive on my main PC is dying/dead so I’m struggling on the laptop without access to most of the files I need to get some work done.  Just glad I processed all the Miracle Cloth orders yesterday.  Looks like I’ll have to buy a new hard drive and re-install everything from scratch…just what I don’t have time for…although for once I have backups!

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