Chasing The Wind…

So, it’s been too long between entries.  I say that with no hint of sarcasm.  Those of you who are regular readers will know that I often complain (half-heartedly) that I feel pressured into writing here when I really have nothing to say.  The past few weeks however have been the opposite, I have had plenty to write about but I seem to find myself without the time to actually sit down and write a few words.

In some ways I wonder if Twitter is to blame as I find myself writing snippets there rather than here.  I’m not sure that the content is being released onto Twitter but more that because I spend time writing there, I’m less enthused to be writing here.  Actually, that sounds as if I can’t be bothered writing here, which is not the case, simply that I am feeling pretty lethargic, I blame the rapidly darkening nights. ENOUGH! Let’s get on with an update.

Needless to say most of what’s happened has been promptly forgotten so you’ll have to make do with what you get and be thankful!  Tuesday saw me ice skating for the first time in my life (and I didn’t fall once!)  Those generous people over at The Independent saw fit to give me 4 tickets for an hours ice skating at The National History Museum and so I arranged to go with a couple of colleagues and McPot.  On the day first one and then the other colleague bailed so the four became two and I was half expecting McPot to drop out too but I wasn’t going to be deterred and headed along after telephoning him to check he was still coming.

While I waited for McPot I stood watching some of the skaters and eavesdropped on some of the conversations around, a couple discussing dinner plans and what was in the fridge, a boorish snob on the phone telling at least three people that he was ice skating which was a blatant lie as he was stood next to me on dry land and three generations of a family slightly upset that they would have to wait 2hours for the next skating session.  Suddenly McPot arrived and I interrupted the family to ask how many of them planned on skating, father (Peter) and daughter (Susanna, 6 years old) wanted to skate while mother and grand-mother were going to watch but sadly they couldn’t wait 2 hours so would return another day.  Suddenly the two became four again as I insisted Peter and Susanna join McPot and I; I was a little worried that the warmth from Susanna’s smile was going to melt the ice but thankfully it was OK.  Skating was good fun, it took me a while to find my skating legs and I spent a around 30 minutes on the children’s rink with Peter and Susanna until I felt brave enough to go play with the grown ups.  McPot has the photos which I shall screen and add here when I get them.  I have a feeling I’m going to look pretty stupid in most of them as I seemed to spend a lot of time flapping my arms and tap dancing on the ice!  Given that there is an Ice Centre a short walk from Omneo Towers I may venture back onto the ice but I wouldn’t hold my breath that it will be any time soon…

This weekend is looking to be pretty busy.  On Saturday night I’m again doing something for the first time, going to watch a ballet at Sadler’s Wells.  Most people who know me will tell you I much prefer opera to ballet but as I follow Rob from Birmingham Royal Ballet on Twitter and the very beautiful Momoko Hirata is in the cast I thought, Why not give this ballet lark a try? and so, acting on impulse, I bought myself a ticket on-line.  No going back now!  Then on Sunday I’m going to see the world’s greatest quick-change artist Arturo Brachetti present the world premiere of his new show Change at the Garrick Theatre before heading over to the Hammersmith Apollo where I have a front row seat for DEEP PURPLE What a way to end the week, hopefully it will blow away the cobwebs and I’ll manage to get some work done next week.

Monday sees me doing more arty stuff as I’ve been invited to a launch party for, an on-line gallery and store for artists from all over the world.  It promises to be an enjoyable evening.  Lolly, who I went to the Saatchi Gallery with a few weeks ago is organising things and Tanja, who I met on the Eurostar Singles Weekend, is coming with me.  Tanja is an artist so it’s all worked out quite well, I’ll have someone on hand to explain the pictures to me!

Right, that’s all for this entry.  I’ve more to say but that will have to wait for another time…

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