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Love, by Scott Saw
Love, by Scott Saw

Now, you know I seldom need encouragement to procrastinate and linger between blog posts.

There are various reasons for this, some more legitimate than others I’ll admit but essentially I’ve been working on lots of other sites over the last year and that in itself has been an up and down cycle worthy of it’s own blog mini-series.

I then decided I wanted to give this site a makeover. I’m getting a bit bored of the caricature me insofar as I can see disappointment in people’s eyes when they see I look nothing like my smiley avatar and it will only progress as years go by and my hairline recedes. So I’ve been working on some ideas but nothing that I really like yet.

So, as if that wasn’t enough to be getting on with, I’ve just decided to move my web hosting account. Now, because the host I’ve used since 2007 has a custom control panel, moving to a new host means a totally manual transfer of over 250 sites…oh joy of joys! However in the long run it should prove to be better…he says optimistically.

This means you can expect even fewer updates but having said that, you may get more updates, just less waffle. Time will tell, anyway, off to tinker with DNS nuts n bolts. If the internet breaks, it wasn’t me!

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