Handbag.com forums – Selfless Mind

handbag.com forums – Selfless Mind

A friend chose to advertise Selfless Mind on another forum to try and bring along some people to the forums or just to submit their work, that would be nice…thanks C!

I decided last night that I will get my finger out of my backside and look to trying to write a bit more again, for too long I’ve just sat around thinking about writing but haven’t done anything about it, time for that to change.

One thing I’ve noticed is that although I have become a much more relaxed and confident person, i still care too much what others think, or rather what I think others think. On SL there are 2 people I like, like quite a lot, one I know a little better than the other but both are people I wouldn’t mind, at this stage, getting to know better. Whilst chatting with a friend she let slip that at least two other guys are also ‘interested’ in these girls.

I’m not sure why but I when I hear things like that I lose all sense of motivation, I know I shouldn’t care and just continue as I am but for some reason I just assume that I won’t be anyones first choice so may as well drop out altogether. With an attitude like this it may be a while before I sort myself out…

I shall go off and think about things and who knows, this time tomorrow I’ll have a brand new perspective and this will all be a load of pointless meandering?!

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