What Astro.com says for today!

Just had a look at my daily forecast on Astro.com….

This is a good time for any kind of creative activity. If you are employed in a creative field, you should be unusually productive today. Under any circumstances this is a good time to get involved with the arts or any other activity concerning beauty. It is also an excellent time to redecorate your home and make your personal surroundings more attractive. Your taste for beauty is aroused, and you are much more sensitive to the aesthetic nature of your surroundings. This is also a time when you feel very affectionate and have a great need to express your affection for others. You want to give and receive love. Usually this is a very pleasant influence, because you are pleasant to be around. Others can sense how you feel about them, which makes them feel good in return.

How spooky that just as I decide to start writing again it forecasts this? Then again, I have to work on the newsletter at work and still need to conjure up a front page story! Still, I shall now go shower and feel good about myself!

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