It’s been a little while since I blogged. There hasn’t really been much happening that’s worth saying. Often, on other blogs, it’s been discussed that people tend to blog more when there is crap going on in their day to day lives. I’m not quite sure if that’s altogether true.

Last weekend saw a flurry of accusations drift around, all of which were baseless but it appeared to occupy a lot of peoples time, who knows it may still do? As much as it annoyed me, there was little to say about it as the allegations were untrue…how do you try and fight something that a) you didn’t do and more importantly b) don’t know about to fight against?!

Some good things have happened though, so I shall take advantage of my flexitime and make this entry before I leave for work :)

My friend Alessio should by now be in Mexico City where he has gone to meet up with a girl he met and has been talking to via internet and telephone. He and she have both decided that they have to spend some time together to see if there is ‘something’ there. How many times have you felt like doing that? Just upping sticks and heading off to see if there is a spark in real life? Well, I’ve a life littered with episodes where I wished I had tried… Good luck Alessio!

More good news, a friend of mine who I drifted out of contact with emailed after 18months or so. She had had a dream in which I appeared and felt compelled to write and see how I was doing, it made my day, actually it’s made my week as she was someone I care about very much, even though we haven’t spoken for 18months I probably think about her every fortnight. When I first met her I knew I wanted to be friends with her and I’m glad that instinct is still strong and I’m gladder she feels something similar, I say that because we’re still talking so unless she’s a masochist she must want to talk to me too!

I had some cheesecake on Tuesday, thus maintaining my new years resolution to eat more cheesecake, so far it’s been a slice a week…can’t argue with that!

On Saturday I plan on going to Octave , a jazz bar/restaurant in Covent Garden, where Renato D’Aiello is playing. I bought his album ‘Introducing Renato D’Aiello Euro All Stars featuring Phil Lee’ a few years ago, shortly after I bought my saxophone, so it will be nice to hear him in the flesh… Can’t beat live music… Just a pity no one wants to join me :(

Life is good, never forget that. Although some days it may seem hard to believe, the reality is no matter how shit we think out life is, there are plenty worse off than we are, if you’re reading this already you have the advantage over the many millions around the world who cannot read, let alone have access to the internet!

The photo is taken from the SOHO project, a trip around the sun! For more information check out the NASA site by clicking here

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