So, today, finally, I finished wallpapering my bathroom – a task I started on 20 March, to be fair it was just a little area of the bathroom that required wallpapering but it was, how shall we say, low on my list of things to do!!

Strangely, I felt compelled to actually get it done this week only because i met Sarah for a coffee and bite to eat on Friday and I told her how each weekend I put off doing it until the following one. I then realised that it had been dragging on for months so no time like the present. I thought about it yesterday but didn’t feel ready for the task till today – either way – it’s done now!

spent Monday-Thursday in Scotland, saw my Gran, uncle and aunt. Popped through to Edinburgh and saw Hélene and her boyfriend Cyril (not sure if thats the French spelling?!)

Other than that… life is good and all is quiet :-)

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