Blogging Hell!!

dear oh dear, it’s been a while since my fingers danced over the keyboard and entered something here. I have had the odd message to hurry up and write something but… one has to question just what is achieved by serving up daily doses of mundane life for the unknown viewing public at large.

Perhaps if I had a wildly exciting life it would make more sense, of course if I did have a wildly exciting life, I wonder where I would find the time to blog about it?! Perhaps I would just hire a ghost blogger and let their fingers dance over the keyboard, assuming of course ghosts are able to type and not just rattle chains. Thinking about it, why is it that as a child ghosts were nearly always portrayed as either headless (usually stuck under their arm) or clasped in chains or very often both?? Was that how you knew you’d be a ghost do you think? Your last moments alive and looking down (assuming your head hadn’t been lopped off) at the chains that bound you, you’d say to yourself, “ha-ha looks like I’m coming back as a ghost, no luck suckers!”

Anyway, that was a slight deviation from the blog, or was it? I wasn’t really sure what I was going to write about so it’s as well I just go with the flow and let whatever randomness pour out of these carefully manicured fingertips (OK, that’s a slight exaggeration but I clipped and filed them earlier this evening after dinner)

So, back to blogs and blogging…Who reads them? and more to the point, WHY?!! I look on some blogs on and have to wonder if people actually live their lives at times or if they feel that world (myspace readers) really care that they went to the store at 3am for some cookies and 7 Up because they couldn’t sleep, much in the same way as I ask myself does anyone care I have little to say in my blog??

For what it’s worth, I will attempt to blog more but I cannot promise that if I do it will manage to maintain the lucidness of this entry.

rattle rattle

Oh what was that? Sounded like chains to me….

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