Free Range

I’ve just sat down in front of the PC after raiding the fridge. I had a craving for food (what’s new?!) and so opened up a tub of Waitrose coleslaw. it was mighty tasty let me tell you! But as I was reading through the list of ingredients I noticed that the mayonnaise used in the coleslaw was made with free range eggs, how’s that for caring :)

In other news, it rained again today. HP kindly replaced my monitor, how jammy was I to have my monitor go on the blink with only 3 days left of my guarantee in place! It may not be a brand new one they replaced it with but it has a 90 warranty.

Looking forward to Donna coming down for the Editors gig, have to find something to do that is cheap for when shes here tho. With luck it’ll be sunny so we can sit in the garden and get drunk :)

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