Oh, we’re blog, blog, blogging along…

Well, not a typical blog entry today folks. I know some of you have been wondering just where the hell I’ve been but I’ve been here, sitting in front of my lovely Fujitsu Siemans screen, just pre-occupied with ‘work’ to have the energy to blog.

So, what’s been keeping me busy you ask (OK, you may not be asking that but as the owner of this ‘ere blog, I answer what I wanna answer!) The short answer is, I’m trying to make some cash… The longer answer is, I’m busy transferring a bunch of websites I own and manage over to a new web hosting company… and as that web hosting company is mine, it’s not something I can have anyone else but myself deal with. So, I hope you’ll accept my, for once, very good reason for being ever so intermittent with the blog entries =)

Of course I have managed a few nights away from the computer, on Monday I went to see Kaitee Page perform at the Halfmoon in Putney. Kaitee is an American artist now living in London who is on Sellaband. I like Kaitee, I like her to the extent that I’m willing to put cold, hard cash where my mouth is… I’ve so far invested $250 in her via Sellaband.com. if you haven’t visited the site, please do. It’s basically a bunch of unsigned bands putting their faith in their music and in turn to the people who listen to it. ‘Believers’ buy parts in the acts they like, I part is $10 when an act gets to $50,000 they get sent off to a recording studio, with a producer to make a CD, that CD is then sold online, at gigs etc MP3’s are done likewise and everyone gets a share, the artist makes money, the ‘believers’ make money and yeah of course, Sellaband make money but it’s a win-win-win situation. It’s a radical concept but so far 11 acts have made it to $50,000 so there are a lot of ‘believers’ out there helping the bands they believe in; I’m doing my bit… why not join me?

Anyway, I’m off now to do some more work before bed.. I should hopefully be able to ‘launch’ my new webhosting company before the end of 2007 and I’ll have a special offer available for all you blog readers so stay tuned….

Also, no musical interlude, just check out Sellaband for loads of free MP3 downloads!

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