Tonight I did something I haven’t done for a while… I played a CD! Yes, that’s right, you read correctly, I came home and decided that rather than open up iTunes and play one of the 18,000+ tracks I have there, I’d forsake them and pull out a real, live, CD… a shiny circular disc from the collection on the wall… amassed in ye olden dayes when shiny silver CD was a superior format (OK, so it still is but MP3 is easier and smaller to store!)

I like playing CD’s although I don’t play them that often, it’s so lazy to play MP3’s, I know that when all I have to do is open iTunes and click play on a play list, I can settle down and do nothing for hours whereas with a CD I know I have a 72 minutes maximum before I have to get up and find another CD to replace the previous one and somehow, when I play CD’s, I feel compelled to ensure that whatever I play follows on suitably from the previous CD… heaven forbid I would choose to voluntarily follow Pearl Jam with the Ozric Tentacles, even though I love both bands! I just feel CD’s deserve more thought than simply ‘shuffle’ on iTunes… so fuck me sideways if I’m wrong! (No, that wasn’t really an option, just a turn of phrase!)

So I hear you ask, what CD did I select from the 350+ albums on the wall? It was The Kings of Leon’s Aha Shake Heartbreak… bloody lovely…and only £9.99 at HMV

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