Simply THE Soopa Store

Well, as I continue my quest for world domination I figured I’d dip my toes in the murky waters of auction sites. There are many people making lots of money from ebay, Smokey McPot, my soon to be ex-colleague, has a steady trade selling bits n pieces and I often think to myself that I could probably rake in a few sheckles if I got my arse in gear and sold the junk lying around the house that I no longer use but I’m a lazy sonofabitch and don’t have that much worth selling so that road is kinda closed to me. Then there are those ‘power sellers’ who sell ‘brand new, fell off the back of a lorry guv’ items and have swollen PayPal accounts. I’m just no where near any lorries with loose doors, so that’s out for me as well.

So where then, gentle reader, does a lazy guy with nothing to sell go when he wants to make his fortune on ebay? The answer is, he opens up the one and only

of course! What? you’ve never heard of it before? Well, that’s no surprise as it only opened it’s virtual doors in the very early hours of Sunday morning, probably while you were out getting drunk ;)

So far the two departments open for business are the UK based MP3 Soopa Store and the US based Gardening Soopa Store but new departments will be opening up very soon, so make sure you check it out and more importantly…check out!!

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