Pain, Pain, Go Away!

OK, a slightly misleading title, so for all you worried readers, fear not! I am not in pain, well… not for myself.  Granted, I’ve just managed to go to the gym not only twice in the same year but twice in the same week (actually 2 days in a row!)  My fitness regime took a nosedive last year, I allowed myself a month off in November and then through a mixture of workload and the final few months of my Gran’s life, I never seemed to manage to get back into the swing of things.  Every other day saw me vow that, “I’ll go tomorrow” tomorrow, tomorrow… it never comes!  Well, the combination of watching the money drain from my bank account and the kilos creeping onto my waistline have given me the kick up the arse I need and so this week I returned to the place I used to call my second home.  The worrying thing is I sat down and realised this was my third visit in 7 months and my how the energy levels have dropped!  The weights I could lift now seem a  distant memory but I guess that is actually a good thing as it motivates me more, to just return to the level of fitness I was at only 7 months ago…

Anyway, the pain is not a result of physical exertion, although ask me again tomorrow when I wake up!  No, I was listening to the Rangers vs Zenit St Petersburg match which rangers lost 2-0.  To be honest it sounded like yet another dull match but I’m not sure if that’s because listening to radio commentary is just dull, or Rangers are just dull.  I’m a neutral supporter I guess, probably if I was forced to choose a side I’d plump for Rangers as they are the team I grew up with everyone around me supporting but to be honest the whole religious nonsense puts me off both Rangers and Celtic out of principal.  Tonight however I viewed it as good for Scottish football, seldom do you hear of a Scottish team reaching the final of such an important tournament and I noticed while at the gym that the national news made a big deal of the 100,000 Rangers fans who had travelled to Manchester to watch the match in pubs and open aired venues.  here’s hoping they behave themselves in defeat.

Mind you, English readers should be comforted to know that some Scottish fans do not hate English teams alone, whilst listening to Radio 2 this morning the presenter was wishing Rangers good luck as a British team and suddenly there were texts flying in from Celtic fans wishing luck for the Russians.

So, it is for the fans of both Scottish football and Rangers who I feel the pain for, the Rangers fans more-so as I suspect they will be in more physical pain tomorrow with the hangovers they have getting over tonight!

In other news, the sun has been shining in old London town however that is expected to end tomorrow.. typical!  I’m off now to catch up on Hereos, it’s taken me months to get around to trying the 2nd series and after the first couple, which I found slow, it’s picking up again so at least my insomnia can be put to good use :)

Oh, and I started cutting the hedge and was amazed to find there was daylight outside, the only problem is it highlights the fact that I really need to wash the windows!

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