Ugly Shmugly

So, this morning as I was writing a blog over on about WordPress themes I happened to view this blog in Internet Explorer, boy was I shocked… It’s UGLY!  By that I mean the sidebar has all these ugly bullet points and shit and doesn’t align well and it’s well it’s just plain… UGLY!

I had to get out of bed (yes, I was blogging in bed!) and log on to the PC just to double check and sure enough, when I visit the site using FireFox it looks all nice and pretty, or as pretty as can be expected but flick over to IE and ewwww… Mr Omneo is not impressed :(

Now, I could insist that everyone views this blog using anything but Internet Explorer but that would be crazy, I mean do you think Bill Gates (Hi Bill!) is going to use FireFox?  No, he’s a company man through and through and obviously far too polite to drop me a line to tell me my blog looks like a crock of shit.

So, I have 2 options I suppose, find another theme which doesn’t look like crap in IE or get into the code of this one and see if I can fix it.  I’ve spent a few hours already looking at theme upon theme and whilst I can find some that are nice looking, they don’t have the functionality of this one so either way, I’m going to have to get into the damned code.  As a stop gap measure I’ve decided to stop the random header that was on the blog and settle for something a little more static, What do you think of the soothing mugs of tea?  That image is courtesy of who offer it on one of their free WordPress themes.

For those of you who are using Internet Explorer, please be assured I was not aware of how ugly this blog looks, I would heartily recommend you install FireFox but that’s just my personal preference.  However in order to show you what it is I see, here are two screen shots.

First up is the pretty as a picture FF offering..

See how pretty that sidebar looks?
See how pretty that sidebar looks?

And here is the shmugly mess…

Oh dear, that sidebar looks....UGLY!
Oh dear, that sidebar looks....UGLY!

Well folks, that’s all for now.  No doubt I’ll waste the remainder of the day trying to get it looking nice so don’t be surprised if it looks nothing like either of these screen shots when you next visit.

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Well, don’t I feel stupid?  After messing around with a few more themes I found one that sort of did what I wanted with lengthy instructions on how to make it do exactly what I wanted.  Just as I was about to settle on it and then give up the remainder of the day to mess around with it I noticed a little bullet point just beside the Contact Mr Omneo line in the sidebar.  “That’s funny,” I thought, “that didn’t appear in either FireFox or Internet Explorer?” a quick check and sure enough, there was a little bit of CSS code which, once removed, made the site look pretty again in both browsers :D

Well, I say that but I have noticed that for some reason some pages don’t exactly tie up with the header in Internet Explorer, by about 1mm which most people won’t notice but I have and it’s annoying me. Enough to delve into things?  Hmmm… I’m not sure yet ;)

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