Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

Well, in between eating, sleeping, working and doing nothing, I have been very busy doing as little as possible, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it and that someone might as well be me!

In all honesty I can’t really recall anything majorly interesting that might have happened between the last entry and this one but that is not to say something of interest didn’t happen, it probably did, I just can’t remember.  It’s funny, I used to think my memory was bad due to alcohol or marijuana, now I realise it’s just bad, even when it’s in its au naturel state!

This week I went to the opera to see my favourite piece performed, Cavalleria Rusticana, it was performed, as is usual, with Pagliacci. I saw them both at the ENO, whose performances I usually enjoy on account of the adaptations they do.  Cavalleria’s adaptation was so-so  I couldn’t really see that it had altered radically, the music however was sublime.  Pagliacci on the other hand is a piece that I’ve always thought was fair to middling when it came to the music however the ENO’s interpretation was fantastic and it made me listen with new ears.  The evening started with dinner at Paradiso e Inferno so you could say it was an Italian theme night!

Last night I went to see Avenue Q, what a funny, funny musical!  Very enjoyable, like an adult version of Sesame Street and made all the more enjoyable as it turned out that last night’s performance was number 1,000 (in London)  It finished up in a few months so if you haven’t already seen it, do yourself a favour and get tickets, it’s well worth it if you want to have a laugh and be entertained with song.

In other news I’ve just taken delivery of a snazzy new monitor, quite why I decided I needed a 22″ beast I don’t know but now I have it I’m already wondering how I could enjoy my illegal TV show downloads without it ;)

Well, that’s all for now folks; if I have a sudden bout of memory recall I’ll return and fill you in, failing that it’ll be sometime in the future when i write next, you know me, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next year.  Don’t you just love surprises? :D

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