If you found my phone would you care?

On my morning to the tube station bus journey this morning I seemed to focus on a couple of the Nokia ads that have been appearing on billboards recently.  They may be featuring them in magazines and on TV but I wouldn’t know as I don’t do magazines, not even adult ones and who needs TV when you can illegally download all your shows especially the adult ones?

Anyway, these Nokia ads, there appear to be at least 2 of them, one with a male called Luca and one with a girl called Anna.  The headline on one reads something like, “If you found my phone would you read my text messages?” and the other is something similar but based on videos or picture or whatever, you can tell the advertisers worked their magic on me!  But it got me thinking, any time I’ve found a mobile phone I have looked at the text messages but only to see if there is any regular name there, which I can then text to say, “Hey, I’ve found this phone and the last text message was from you, can you contact the owner to tell them to contact me so they can collect it”  I’ve never thought to look through the photos and videos…jeez-o! what a boring bastard I am?!  Therefore I’m to deduce from these Nokia ads that most people would look through things?!  Strange people or am I strange for having not thought of it?

Then I thought again, “WHY would I even be remotely bothered with someone else’s texts, pics and videos?” my own life is dull enough without swamping myself with some other dull bastards life, obviously however that would change if I found Anna or Luca’s phones.  These are 2 very photogenic characters so obviously if their phones had their photos emblazoned on them I’d rifle through their inbox and contact list, the theory being beautiful people have beautiful friends…I could text all the girls and say, “Hey, Anna/Luca gave me your number and suggested we hook up for a drink, when are you free?”  law of averages say at least 1 girl will reply, even out of curiosity…right?

However knowing my luck, I’d find the phone belonging to Griselda the trainee pig herder whose only friends resemble the porcine friends she works with and end up with 20 of them eager to go on a date…Hmmm already I’ve talked myself out of that idea, perhaps I’ll just have to look through the phone first and see if there are any photos of cute looking people first before I risk it!

But seriously, would you go through the contents of someones phone if you found it?  Comments open for this one :)

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