Bad News Week

One of my resolutions was to stop reading the trashy free papers given out at tube stations and instead buy a real newspaper to catch up with what’s going on in the world.  I’m almost sorry I bothered. Death, destruction, war, famine, fraud, apologies and the BBC, Lilly Allen’s new album and Jade Goody.  If I weren’t so lazy I’d consider suicide.

OK, let’s get Goody out of the way first and maybe I’ll come back to rant about that songstress Allen.  I consider myself fairly fortunate because I don’t have a TV, this means I have never actually seen Jade Goody when she was in Big Brother, the show that turned her into a celebrity…yawn!  From what I gather from people who are addicted to this (un)reality TV show she was/is a loud mouthed, obnoxious, cerebrally bereft character who the British public took a shine to because she was so dumb.  I’m inclined to think it’s because a lot of the viewing public saw a bit of themselves in her that they liked her so much.

Anyway, one minute she’s loved by everyone before being denounced as a racist bully and what do you know, she develops Cancer and she’s back to being everyone’s hero.  You can’t open a newspaper without seeing some story or other about her and her numb-skull boyfriend, soon to be husband, Jack Tweed.  Yes, the couple are going to get married, assuming she lives long enough, after selling the rights to the wedding for around £1 million, it’s to ensure the kids get a good education we’re told, I wonder what school they’re going to??  What I find odd is that in all the time they’ve known each other they never bothered to get married but now she’s about to die they think it’s time to tie the knot.  Call me a cynic but I don’t think it’s a love thing.

So, what’s my problem you ask?  Simply what makes her a celebrity?  What has she actually done to deserve that title? Brad Pitt is a celebrity, Joan Collins is a celebrity heck, even Lloyd Grossman is a celebrity but Jade Goody? I don’t think so! The way the public are going on you’d think it was Princess Diana all over again, I dread to think what will happen when she finally dies, will we have her coffin paraded through the land so we can all go and cry about how brave she was and how she didn’t deserve to die?  What about every other woman who has died or is dying because of Cervical Cancer?  Will we see the press rushing to tell us of their stories? No, I very much doubt it but are they not as deserving of our pity as Goody?  Oh wait, they haven’t appeared on a shitty TV show and been accused of racism!

If, like me, you don’t particularly care  about Jade you can amuse yourself reading the latest offerings of sick jokes on sickipedia there are quite a few funny ones in there ;)

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