Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Some days I have lots to say, some days I have little to say then there are days when I have lots to say but cannot be bothered to say it and occasionally I have nothing to say but it doesn’t stop me writing here.  You win some, you lose some.

Admittedly writing here every now and then can sometimes feel therapeutic to an extent; pouring out here what is in my head is cleansing because usually once I’ve gone through the process of writing it out, editing it and publishing it I no longer think about it.  Obviously there are exceptions to this rule but by and large it holds water.  What is slightly frustrating is that I know recently I’ve had some of those That will make a great blog entry moments but as I now take time out to write I’ll be damned if I can remember them. :(

Strangely one of the few things I can remember thinking I’d write about is rather boring.  Well, more boring than usual, it was a thought brought about from an article I read in The Times one weekend.  Now, I know what some of you regular readers will be thinking, Mr Omneo buying the Times?! before you choke on your Coco Pops let me assure you that I did not part with money for my copy of Rupert Murdoch’s not good enough to wipe my arse rag.  Rather it was a case that whenever I have a delivery of groceries from Ocado they provide a free copy, so probably I am in a way paying for it but not by handing over my cash in person…so that’s ok then ;)

Anyway, this article was some pretentious reporter waffling on about how she considered herself to be very green because she had just started to get her milk delivered.  Her reasoning was that she had always thought of people who had their milk delivered as being crusty old fools who lived in a different era and needed to get out more.  Now however she felt that they were the ones to kick start a green revolution because there was no waste from the packaging as there is no plastic or paper cartons to throw away, instead the glass bottles are cleaned and reused and as well as this the milkman’s float is battery powered giving it a lower carbon footprint.  By this hacks reckoning that makes Mr Omneo green before it was a popular issue as it’s now been almost 6 years since I started having my daily pinta delivered!

When I first mentioned I had a daily delivery of the good stuff oh how people scoffed and mocked me for the quaintness of it all but to me it makes perfect sense.  I order most of my groceries online so the only time I really need to go to the store is to buy milk but often I would forget and then once I got home I didn’t want to go out again so went milk-less.  Now I have fresh milk every morning, if I want an extra pint I just leave a note in the bottle and it’s there for me.

Bizarrely I’ve never met my milkman, Tom, in those 6 years.  I leave him notes and he leaves me notes; if it wasn’t for Tom I could dispense with my cheque book but it’s the only way to pay him you see.  At the end of the year I leave him a New Year bonus, if you can call it that, usually £20 which some say is a lot but I sometimes feel is not enough.  OK, so perhaps at 55p a pint I’m paying more than if I were to go to Tesco but I’ve never opened the door and not found my milk there; 365 days of the year I have fresh milk so suddenly £20 is a measly thank you for Tom coming out in teh rain, wind and snow but by the same token I don’t think I could willingly part with more money!  Maybe this year I’ll leave Tom a bottle of wine as well and hope he is not a recovering alcoholic!

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