If music be the food of love…

I may need to go on a diet!

Yesterday was a sad day, Violette (@_vio_ on Twitter) informed me that the Jenny Lewis gig that was scheduled for 18 August was cancelled, I scurried to www.JennyLewis.com and indeed it was true.  Jenny wasn’t coming to town and Mr O wasn’t sure he could cope.  Life it seems is unfair, Julie regaled me and indeed teased and tormented me with a graphic description of how hot Jenny looked in short shorts when she played at the Troubadour in San Francisco (why do I know so many people in a place I have never visited?)  I went home and ate till my belly was full and my heart had no room in which to swell with pain, however imaginary.

I instead looked at Ticket Master’s website to see what the refund process was, it said I should contact Customer Services, I followed the link which said I couldn’t send a message until I had searched the database, I searched the database but there was no explanation just lots of comments reminding me that Ticket Master do not give refunds unless an event has been cancelled.  With no obvious contact link I finally found the  ‘Ask a question‘ link, so I filled in the laborious form and hit send, the screen refreshed and was replaced with another form that I tried to complete however the event date that I needed in the drop down box, 18 August, was the only date that was not in the drop down box?!  How strange I thought, given that I had already put the date in the first form, I started to think that it had deliberately removed it from the drop down box… but without putting a date in I couldn’t send the form and I didn’t want to risk upsetting the system by putting in another date.  So I opted to telephone them…ha-ha anyone would think I had been drinking and smoking crack!

I phoned today, I listened to a message over 2 minutes long waffling on about Wacko Jacko refunds before getting some options, I pressed and waited only to hear another message, 75 seconds long informing me about Wacko Jacko refunds, obviously they were worried that I had pressed the wrong button and were keen that I shouldn’t waste my time, at 10p per minute, needlessly waiting to speak to someone. Eventually, 13 minutes after I had been reminded for the second time about Wacko Jacko refunds I got through to a real life human bean, or at least I think she was; I was a little numb from having listened to almost 4 renditions of Duffy’s Warwick Avenue to notice at first.  It seems I should allow 10-15 working days for the refund to be applied to my card, if it doesn’t appear I should call again, and no doubt spend 50p listening to details of the website I should visit if I want a refund for my Wacko Jacko purchase…

However it seems life is not so unfair after all, today I got the email I had been hoping for… I’d struck lucky in the iTunes Festival and had scored a pair of tickets to see Bat For Lashes!!  Finally I would get to see the utterly scrummy Natasha Khan albeit on stage but that’s good enough for me, just being in the same room, even if it is a big room, will do me fine!  I sent yummy Jen a text to see if she wanted to join me and it turned out that she had won a pair of tickets as well!  She enters once and wins and I had to use 5 different email addresses to get mine…So Jen is bringing a friend and I’m trying to persuade young Christopher to come along, I’ve told him there will be a hot young single female there which seems to be proving more of a pull than Natasha.

Today I also received my package from Scott Saw.  I bought 2 copies of his newest screen print, Axiom, and I must say it’s gorgeous, the photo does not do it justice.  I now have to get them framed.  Scott threw in 2 free limited run prints as well so that really cheered me up.  I saw via Scott’s Twitter account some photos of some Axiom T Shirts he’s done, I’ve asked him if he’ll be putting them on his site for sale, he’s not sure as they are for the San Diego Comic Convention where he has a booth, if you’re in that neck of the woods, be sure to pay him a visit!  But leave the Axiom T Shirts alone, unless of course you’re buying an XL for me ;)

Music and art, how good it is to be able to see and hear.  Sometimes I forget what most of us take for granted.  Not sure I’ll forget the vision in my head of Jenny in short shorts tho!

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