Who’s that Geek?

It’s been a busy week or so. I say busy, for a good part of it I was busy doing nothing more than trying to keep warm. With a bout of manflu (commonly known as a cold) and toothache I was laid up at home which I have come to realise is like an icebox in Winter. I’m actually convinced that when I opened the fridge to take out the bottle of milk for my morning porridge it felt warm…it was that cold!

However it’s all systems go and back to work, although thanks to the tube strike in London, work didn’t resume until today. I’m just glad I hadn’t used my annual leave entitlement as every day there is a strike I have to use a day, if it’s true that they plan 3 and 4 day stoppages in 2011 I will be sleeping over in the office otherwise there will be no Summer sun pour moi!

You may recall the other day I posted an entry about the Geek of the Year awards and tonight I was fortunate enough to get an invite to the awards that were being presented at Hoxton’s Underbelly. I knew it was going to be a great night when I heard that cakes were being supplied by Molly Bakes and it seems that everyone there had heard the news too given that when I arrived all I could see where a bunch of geeks stuffing their faces with geeky cupcakes, needless to say I barged my way in and snaffled a few for myself, they were mighty tasty.

So, who was the first www.geeks.co.uk Geek of the Year? Well, firstly I have to say I was a little surprised at some of the finalists. One person appeared to have been shortlisted on the basis of them stating they were on Facebook every waking moment. Personally that sounds like most teenagers to me but perhaps those kids didn’t know they stood a chance of winning a £5,000 holiday if they just stopped poking people for 5 minutes and entered? A rather ravishing girl was shortlisted either on the grounds that she drove a truck or liked to take things apart and re-assemble them again. The cynical side of me assumed she was really just included because she was, as I say, rather ravishing looking but I’m sure it wasn’t for that reason, alone…The winner was James Pottinger whose geekiness was he made sci-fi memorabilia which included an Iron Man mask. In true geek style James’s acceptance speech was to be blunt, quite geekily awkward, he genuinely seemed surprised to have won but in all honesty, he seemed to be the only one of those shortlisted who seemed to actually do something, or maybe I just didn’t hear their geek factors properly explained.

Geeks aside, the comedy from Adam Bloom, Carl Donnelly and the compare Tiffany Stevenson was top notch and I for one was laughing, not quite hysterically but pretty darn close. I wasn’t able to stay too long however so I missed Ex Libras as I, wait for it, had to get home to fit a microphone pick-up in my saxophone case…I’m pretty sure that would have got me shortlisted for Geek of the Year, maybe next year? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a saxophone case to play around with!


  1. Truck Girl!

    I don’t know why the fact that I can drive a lorry got mentioned so much but I do actually spend half my time coding the backend of a website amongst many other things involving webtech, however I can honestly say I’ve never been described as ravishing – I actually blushed then I read that, so thanks for the compliment!

    I am very glad James won, he was genuinely a really nice bloke, very humble and reserved and his lady was also a very sweet girl! So well done to the pair of them!

    Was a nice crowd of people last night and the acts were hilarious! Brilliant stuff, roll on next years!


  2. Hello and thanks for commenting!

    Not sure why but I feel a little embarrassed that you now know I thought you ravishing, if you ever meet me you’ll only have to say you are ‘Truck Girl’ and you’ll see me blush too ;)

    I’m glad you explained there was more to your geek credentials, it just seemed odd how the finalists were described on the night as I know a few people at the back where scratching heads thinking, “So she drives a truck and that’s geeky?”

    Hope you have better luck in next years awards, tho now I know you are proper geeky maybe my saxophone case tweeking won’t get me short-listed after all ;)

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