Skittles is back…with a banger!

It doesn’t seem that long ago than I was writing about a new, to me, Mancunian grime artist who goes by the name Skittles. However a quick check reveals it was actually in August last year, not quite as recently as I thought. Perhaps it only seems recently because I had cause to re-read the piece when I was planning for my weekend in Manchester. At the time I thought about Googling Skittles to see if he was playing anywhere while I was around but I was so unorganised, how unlike me, that I never got around to it.

So imagine my surprise when I get an email from the good people at Example Media alerting me to the fact that Skittles is releasing his first single from his soon to be released album, Poor with £100 Trainers. The single is called Tip-I-Cal-Ly and comes out on 11 April 2011. I bet you’re wondering what it’s like and my answer is it’s pretty good shit. In the end I had to make do with listening to the excerpts on Sound Cloud mainly because I spent more time listening and laughing at the voice-over reminding me that not only was I listening to a promo, but that I was also a dick ‘ead. I guess you really had to have been here at Omneo Towers to really get it!

So clickity click here for the  Sound Cloud sample which also features remixes  from Chimpo and Dom Hz who bring a lil dubstep flava to Tip-i-cal-ly. Both bringing separate takes on the Tip-i-cal-ly and the dubstep sound. Chimpo, with the help of his signature shuffle takes the party up another gear and Dom Hz will have you stomping till you wish you still had your socks on. The final mix is by Rowney and Propz who, if left to their own devices, will blow your bass bins with their full length jungle/DnB offering.

Come April I may just make an attempt at figuring out how to buy music from iChoons but until then there’s always Skittles website; rumour has it there will be a blog soon…

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