Up Or Down, The Beat Goes On

I was intrigued the other day to see the results of a poll that Lyle & Scott were running on Facebook; they asked whether people preferred to wear their polo shirts buttoned up or buttoned down. The result surprised me, 75% opted for buttoned up with only 25% preferring to unbutton theirs.

Now, I have to be honest, to button or not to button is not something I’ve thought too much about. I wear polo shirts most days of the week and tend to unbutton the top button mainly because it looks a bit strange to me to wear it fully buttoned up, almost like it’s formal wear. I won’t begin to go into whether the people who voted to wear it unbuttoned meant every button undone or just 1 or 2 buttons. I like to think they meant 1 or 2 as otherwise I just have a vision of hairy chested men with gold chains walking around town and that just makes me laugh… in disgust.

A much more important question Lyle & Scott should have asked was whether people wore their collars up or down, or as they say Stateside popped. Increasingly I see guys walking around with their collars turned up and to be honest it looks more than a little ridiculous. I’ve seen it in Italy and Budapest and it doesn’t look any cooler in the sun let me tell you; the only thing marginally stupider than popping your collar is popping it whilst wearing a faded denim jacket, also with the collar popped, which I’d say most collar poppers seem to do…WHY?!

One guy I’m sure doesn’t wear polo shirts with the collar up is Dub Phizix, you remember him don’t you? I mentioned him way back on 13 June when I mentioned how he was giving away one of his quality drum and bass tracks every time he received 500 likes on Facebook. Well, needless to say he’s getting plenty of likes so he recently released another 320kbps quality track called Illusions to his followers; this brings the number of free tracks to 4 as well as an assortment of mixes, honestly you DnB heads have never had it so good. So remember, if you haven’t already, go to Dub Phizix’s Facebook page and like it and you’ll get access to all the freebies.

Now, if I had been a bit more efficient I would have posted this last week, in time to tell you that Dub Phizix was travelling down from Manchester to play at London’s Cable nightclub on 9 July but as you can see, I didn’t get it done in time however I can tell you that Break It and Four featuring Skeptical will be out on Critical Recordings on the 25 July, so if you’re enjoying the free tracks, you’ll enjoy the new releases.

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