Take A Film From Stella Artois Home This Summer

Summer is now well under way, I can say this with confidence as for every two days with sunshine there is a day of rain; one of the tell tale signs of a British summer. Of course together with rain there is the smell of barbecues to remind us that Summer has come around, together with the inevitable 3 or 4 hour delay while the food finally cooks. How many barbecues have you ever been to where the food was served on time? I’m struggling to think of one!

Barbecues are synonymous with beer, it’s what we all think of isn’t it? Standing in a garden under a baking ball of sun, clutching an ice cold bottle of beer in one hand, the condensation running over the label and a barbecued chicken leg in the other. Well, it’s what I think of anyway!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed one of the in-store promotions for Stella Artois. If you buy a promotional pack of Stella you will receive a 10-digit code that will allow you to select one of forty DVDs, ideal for when we have one of those days of rain!

When I mentioned the promotion to a colleague at work the first thing they said was, “I bet they’re really shit films though!” and here was me think I was the office cynic! He was quite surprised when I read out some of the titles which includes some classics such as Carlito’s Way, Being John Malkovich, King Kong and Kick-Ass. As someone who isn’t particularly impressed with most films released over the last few decades there were quite a few titles that I found myself nodding at in approval, I do think they could have done with adding Withnail & I and Scarface, two films I believe everyone should own but that perhaps just shows my taste in films!?

The entire 40 films you can choose from are (click to enlarge):

As you can see, there’s a wide selection so there should be something to please everyone and each household can claim up to 4 DVDs. The packs are available in-store until the end of August and you have until the end of November to use the code before it expires. You can find out the full details at the dedicated Stella Artois DVD site where you can also claim your DVDs, which include free delivery.

So whether it’s rain or shine you’re going to be in for a great Summer thanks to Stella Artois! The promotion is running on Stella Artois 4% and 5% packs, so keep an eye out for them in the supermarket when you’re stocking up for the weekends barbecue!


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