All Hail The F-Word

I was rummaging around on my hard drive and came across some files that I used to have on the site way back before it was a blog. Back then it was just a site where I posted links and downloads of things I found funny both as a means of sharing with friends but also as a means of remembering for myself, back then I spent a lot of my time off my face so it was good to be able to access everything from one place.

One of those things I found was this flash animation which is a humorous look at the word Fuck a.k.a. the F Word. Having just watched it again after several years it still makes me laugh out loud. Before you press play, make sure there are no young ears around as the narrator uses the F Word more than Gordon Ramsey, which is only to be expected when it’s the F Word that’s being discussed.

Just press play to start, I know the screen says to wait until it has loaded but it was created in the days of dial-up!

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