This Week in Words

As I sit aboard one of Richard Branson’s luxury trains bound for a comic convention (the book variety, not the stand-up) I thought I’d throw together a round up of this week’s blogs.

Whilst it’s true there are only three, it’s three more than most weeks and as I tend to post late at night or very early in the morning you may have missed them. That’s why you should sign up for my RSS feed or email alert. (hint, hint)

In conjunction with I’m running another gig giveaway, this time to see the awesome Big Black Delta at the Barfly in Camden.

I took myself off to the Duchess Theatre to see a bevy of burlesque beauties in The Hurly Burly Show.

Drum and Bass fans will probably want to read my thoughts on a new single from Fields called Behind the Curtains.

Three posts and not a complaint among them, you lucky readers! You may not be so lucky next week, I’m in the quiet coach, at 6.30am, together with a family with 3 kids, one of which has already asked about a dozen times, “What you doing?” oh well, only 2hours to go…

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