FeedDemon – RSS & Atom Feed Reader

RSS & Atom Feed Reader for Windows

Well, I have finally decided to shift my arse and look into what all this RSS and Atom Feed stuff is about. Mainly because I was tinkering with my blog and thought it as well I knew what was going on.

In so doing, I have discovered the ‘feed readers’ that make sense of all the feeds (surprisingly enough!) and actually I am most impressed with what they do, namely take all the info you want from a site and place it all in one place without all the ads and rubbish that you get on the web page. So for instance you can get all of the news from BBC without the photos etc, its just the news!

So, having downloaded and tried a few different readers I’m going to run with Feed Demon for a while (at least until the trial runs out), it seems pretty good and at only $30 it’s not a huge hole in the wallet if I do decide to keep it, which I think I will…

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