Santa just visited me!

Well, I got a very nice email from someone on SnogLondon telling me they have a single friend who looks like Neve Campbell!!

Now, OK, she didn’t say, “Here’s her number call her” but still…it’s nice to know someone is thinking of me! I also got an email from some random cute looking girl who was bored… it’s good to know I serve a purpose! However to be fair to her, we have swapped a fair few emails and she seems quite nice, although the fact she has a 36″ inside leg measurement could be blinding me to obvious defects in her personality such as her habit of slitting the throat of men who like long legged girls?!

Well, not long to go before 2004 is over and we’re into 2005… is it me or does everyone always seems to say, “I don’t know where this year has gone”?

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