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‘ello folks, welcome to le weekend!

So, a few things to scribble down from the date of last scribble-fest and today but fear not, I shall detain you from your web surfing for the shortest period possible ;)

Google ads… I checked my blog today to see the google ads were all for pointing you, the dear reader, off in the direction of cough medicine and flu pandemic related sites. Obviously their algorithm works pretty well but does make me realise the power of my words, perhaps I should start my own ‘subliminal’ advertising campaign from my blog and drop in the words FREE MONEY every so often to see if the ads suddenly reveal a whole host of websites offering FREE MONEY?? After all, in the new year, once we all get over the expense of Christmas more than one of us could use some FREE MONEY, couldn’t we?? SO, FREE MONEY is the watch word of the day, let’s see if google delivers the goods and points us in the direction of some FREE MONEY ;)

Right, so what else is new? About a month ago I went to see an exhibition at Nolia’s Gallery on the Old Kent Road which included work by my friend Julia Turcato. Whilst there got a chatting with a nice girl who worked there, we’ll call Allie (for that was her name) and at the end of the night we swapped email addresses, me being not forward enough to ask for a phone number…perhaps one day?! So anyway, I email her and the email bounces back – unknown. Oh no! cue moment of intense paranoia… did she deliberately write down a duff email to get rid of me? was it a genuine mistake and she was just incapable of remembering her own email address? What is a guy to do?! So, weeks of pondering go into the plan of action, Julia suggests just calling Nolia and asking for Allie’s number but that seems quite stalkerish, infact every thing seems quite stalkerish but you know, if I don’t get closure I’m always going to wonder, about that and where I’ll find me some FREE MONEY ;)

So, last night, I make the trek to Old Kent Road to see what’s on at Nolia’s Gallery (I’d sneakily phoned and casually asked if Allie was working before setting out) As it turned out there was a photo exhibition on, 2 Norwegians, a German girl and a Korean girl. Some interesting things on display and I turned out to be the only ‘non family/friend’ viewer there so there was a brief moment when they thought I was a journalist from one of the many art magazines they had invited… it was sad to see the look of disappointment in their faces when I told them I was just a Joe Shmoe, but they were sweet anyway. Oh yeah did I mention I’m searching for FREE MONEY?

Spoke to Allie who I could tell was surprised to see me again, she was affable and apologised for the dodgy email stating she can never remember what’s what but made no offer to give me a ‘real’ one, then I realised that the guy working with her was her boyfriend, so that was that sorted, life now back on track. The night was not a loss altogether tho, spent an enjoyable few hours chatting with Nolia and her husband Rick, who is Scottish. Nolia turned out to be a jazz singer and Rick played drums in a jazz band but was now working on creating a sound studio in the basement of the building for students and musicians who couldn’t afford the expensive joints in London… nice to meet people who are not just out to line their pockets, unless its with some FREE MONEY!!

Nolia did an impromptu duet of Summertime with a stunning Norwegian girl, Kari Kleiv. Kari turned out to live in Clapton so we traversed the wilds of London on the bus network together and chatted about this n that, she reminded me of a Swedish girl I knew called Karina, I wonder what it is with Scandinavians and the letter K?! Anyway, Kari has a gig on in January, so all you people should seek her out, yes… find Kari Kleiv and look for some FREE MONEY!!

Tonight the plan is to hit the Canal Bar 125 at Kings Cross to see/hear Unknown FM’s very own Dominique Danielle spin the wheels of steel! See ya there, I’ll be on the dance floor looking for a brunette and some FREE MONEY!!

Right, let’s see what Google makes of this blog!!

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