Finally, I found free money!!

Regular readers and those able to figure out how to read old entries, will recall I experimented with Google AdWords by littering my blog entry with lots of references to FREE MONEY in the hope that the ads on the side would bring up some secret to eternal wealth. I can safely say Google may be king of the search engines but it doesn’t know diddly about finding FREE MONEY.

Mr Omneo on the other hand is quite prepared to let you in on the secret. Interested?? Thought so, read on ;-)

I have a treat for you, I’ve found a way to make money from one on-line casino, the biggest one as it happens! And what’s more you don’t even have to gamble with your own money as they are currently offering to match your initial deposit, up to $200 (approx £100) and as soon as the bonus is added you can withdrawn your original deposit out straight away, leaving you to test my system with THEIR money!!

I used my debit card to transfer $200 into my casino account and that was charged as £105. When I finished the deposit I was immediately given a $200 bonus making my total $400… It all seemed too easy… Instant FREE MONEY – There has to be a catch I thought but I read thru all the small print and I couldn’t find one, so I straight away requested that $200 be transferred back to my debit card. Hey presto, I message pops up saying it should be processed in up to 3 days and then the time to clear the bank so I’ll post again when the money hits my account.

So, there I was with $200 to play with but I had my system to follow. The system as I read it said you should average $30 per hour which I thought was the higher end of the scale. I sat down this afternoon and played for 1 hour. I started with $200 at 14:00, I finished playing at 15:05 and my total was…$250. I have to admit the system is dull and boring but by following it I steadily made a profit, actually at around £25 it’s more than I earn at work. but I figured there had to be a bit of beginners luck in there or some tomfoolery, it just seemed too simple. I went out to the garden and busied myself for a few hours and then came back in at 16.45 and fired up the software and started again. I finished at 17:48 and the $250 I started with was now… $301!! I had just made another $51 – feeling reckless I deviated from the system and placed a dollar bet at random… I lost! but I didn’t cry too much

So, how do I do it you’re asking yourself? Well, I’ll tell all soon enough, first things first tho you need to have the software from the casino which will allow you to start winning! Click here to Receive up to $200 as a signup bonus This bonus money is what you will be gambling with and when you start using the system you’ll discover you always win and therefore it really is FREE MONEY!!

Begin by clicking here for the software if you haven’t already done so. Once there, look to the right-hand side of the page, from this section of the homepage, you are given the option to sign up in one of two ways: Using either the Download Version or the Non-Download Version. You only get the bonus if you use the downloaded version but if you’re rich enough and you trust me just play with your own money straight away!

The Download Version: This version requires you to download the casino software. It offers the advantage of crisper graphics and better animation than that of the non-download version. If you prefer to sign up under this version, click on the “Download Casino” button as shown below

NOTE: As a precautionary measure, I have personally scanned the above software for viruses and checked for spy-ware after installing it, using 3 different anti-virus programs. It’s completely safe. A pop-up window will appear asking whether you wish to “open the file or save it to your computer?” Click “Save”. You will then be asked to select a location on your computer to save the “Installcasino.exe” file. Select your Desktop as the location and click “Save”.

The file will start downloading to your computer and you will see a status bar indicating the progress:

Once the download is complete, you will see the following message:

Click on “Close”. Now go to your Desktop and double click on the icon that looks like this:

The Download Wizard will then open and download some initial setup files. Please wait a moment for this process to complete. You will be asked to select a folder on your computer in which to install the casino software. We recommend choosing the default destination (your Program Files) by simply clicking on “Next”. The installation process will then begin and you will see the following screen:


The Non-Download Version: If you prefer not to download the casino software, but instead would like to play directly through your web browser, click on the “No Download Play” link as shown below

Once the installation process completes, you will be asked to choose your game – Money Play or Practice Play. Select “Money Play”.

Complete the Money Play Registration form and click on “Submit Registration”.

Next, you will be presented with a screen offering the option to enter a Security Question and Answer. Entering a Security Question and Answer here will make retrieving your casino Money Play Password easier in the future, should you forget it. Click on “Continue”.

You will then receive an Online reply from the casino’s server with your new Money Play Username and Password. After recording your Username and Password in a safe place, click on “Continue”.

Now return to the Login screen to gain access to the casino. Enter your casino Money Play Username & Password and click on “Login”.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken directly to the casino’s lobby. Next, click on the Cashier at the bottom left of the screen to deposit money into your casino account.

You need a minimum deposit of $50 to receive a bonus. There is a maximum of $200 for bonuses.

NOTE:This is a 100% RISK FREE opportunity. To gain the most out of this opportunity, you should deposit $200 so you can optimize your level of play by receiving a $200 bonus. However, if you do not have $200 right now, simply start with a lesser amount (ideally no less than $100) and use the system to work your way up. Remember, you’ll be immediately withdrawing this initial deposit back.
After clicking on the Cashier, the Cashier window will appear. Click on “Deposit”.

You will now be given several deposit options. Select the one that best accommodates you and complete the deposit process. The casino will then match your deposit, so you will now see twice the amount you have deposited into your account i.e. a casino account balance of $400 if you initially deposited $200.
Now, using the cashier again, cash out your initial deposit from your casino account. You are now left with your free bonus money to play with at the casino.

Once you’ve done this, email me and I’ll explain how the system works and no, I won’t charge you for the use of the system but you can donate 1% of your monthly profits if you’d like ;-). Until then, go play the free games, save the money for later, you’ll need it!

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