Hybrid Embryos Help Choose Democrat Nominee

So, MP’s have started the process of making it possible to practise ‘hybrid embryo’ research. There has been a lot of talk about how this is immoral and would create Frankenstein creations. Bah… what a load of nonsense to that I say. The loudest voices against the research have been, unsurprisingly, those from religious groups, always a good source of amusement. I’m not sure of the numbers but with each passing year I’m sure that the ratio of ‘believers‘ vs. ‘non-believers‘ lessens so what gives this minority the right to dictate to the majority the sort of research that should be conducted? I’m sorry, but I would rather take my chances with a scientist who has been conducting some experiments using real cells as opposed to trusting some nit-wit who believes some all singing, all dancing entity just knocked up the solar system and life as we know it in 6 days.

Of course why should we trust MP’s?? Who says they know any more or less? Already we entrust the decision to a random bunch of people who have spent the last year or so trying to hide details of their expenses from the people who actually pay them… UK Taxpayers! These cretins try and invoke some bullshit about how it is an invasion of their privacy to have to reveal what they spend the £26,000 per annum they are ‘entitled‘ to claim from the tax coffers for keeping a second home. Just imagine trying that where you work! “Sorry boss, I can’t give you receipts for the £300 lunch i had as it would be an invasion of my privacy for you to know what I’m eating. So please just shut the fuck up and give me the money!” Can anyone else hear the response of, “You’re FIRED!”?

Anyway, enough of those Frankenstein creations and back to the embryos… I can reveal that pioneering British research has used the new research powers to solve the problem plaguing the Democratic Party in the US. No, I don’t mean they assassinated Hillary! As the photo shows, science is a wonderful thing!

Trust Science!

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