Britney Bags a Brit!

OK, a slightly misleading title I grant you but come on, there has to be a reason why I’m up at at ’em at 7.30am on a weekday!  Of course today is Britney Spears pre-sale day for her London gigs at the O2 Arena and despite pouncing on the website at 7.30am when pre-sale started I still didn’t manage to get any closer than row X of block 101 tho admittedly for the first time I managed to get tickets for the lower tier! Annoyingly enough I just tried the booking process again and it came up with seats in row J of block 106.  Part of me thought of buying them to sell on eBay but consider it my good deed for the year, I’m allowing someone else to get rich on the misery of others.  Karma, what a fucker!

I had to laugh tho, there were three levels of tickets; General, VIP Standing and Ringside Seating.  General tickets were priced between £49.50 and £100, VIP Standing were £285 and Ringside Seating? I hope you are sitting down…. £650 and you need to buy them in multiples of two!  Well, I guess she does have a bitter custody battle to pay for but seriously? C’mon Brit, a lot of parents are going to be in tears at the wails of horror that greet their ears when their young offspring get told it’s too expensive for them to go see their idol… blame it on the credit crunch and tell them Santa has gone into administration together with Woolworths.

No matter, I have my ticket which came with the usual rip-off service charge of £6 AND a postage fee of £2.25.  If anything I’m pleased to see they have stopped, for the moment, the ludicrous option of print your own ticket for the same price as it costs to have one posted to you.  What a blatant racketeering scheme that is/was; you use your printer, your ink and your paper then pay them the privilege for doing so!  Bastards!

Anyway, I’m off to dance in the shower and start my Positive Mental Attitude exercises that will see my headline come true on 6 June when Britney peers into block 101 allows her eye to roam back to row X and spots me and decides she’s just gotta have me ;)


Holy Cow!  Just looked on eBay and tickets are already on there for a whopping £199 each for general, lower tier seats…  I may have to rethink selling mine!

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