It’s a funny old world, innit ‘arry?

A funny thing happened to me on the way over tonight.  I was resigned to not blogging for a while because I couldn’t think of anything that has happened that has made me the least bit inclined to string a few words together.  That’s where Twitter comes in beautifully, I only have to agonise over 140 characters.  Editing that can be painfully slow for me so imagine what trauma I go through with a 500 word ramble here?!  It usually starts at around 800-900 words before I take a chainsaw to it.

So there I was, having finally bought some frames for various prints that I wanted to hang around the house.  I put a couple up and had one left to do when I realised I had no picture hooks, I looked at the clock, 7.40pm, the B&Q store is a 5 minute stroll… life could not go on it seemed unless I had a picture hook to put up my prints!

As I had been pottering around with the prints and the frames I could hear my neighbour talking on the phone and sorta wondered why she didn’t just go indoors and talk as she was quite loud.  Anyway, I grabbed my keys and was just locking the door when said neighbour came up to me and the following took place :-

Neighbour: excuse me, can you help me?
Me: I’m not sure if I can but I’ll give it a go. (I never want to raise expectations!)
Neighbour: How are you with animals?
Me: What do you mean?
Neighbour: starts sobbing and gasping for breath and is telling whoever is on the phone that the guy from next door is going to deal with it.

At this point I notice her door is open with bags of shopping at the foot of the stairs.  Employing Sherlock Holmes deduction…

me: Is everything OK? Is there an animal in the house?
Neighbour: Oh my god you have to help me!  It’s in there, on the stairs…a MOUSE!
me: (laughing) a mouse?!?

Sure enough there was a dead mouse on the stairs.  Transpires my neighbour had been standing outside for about 40 minutes afraid to walk past the mouse on the stairs. I went back to mine to get a plastic bag and picked up the mouse before disposing it.  It turned out my neighbour (Nicola) had been calling her partner in Guyana to ask him what she should do as she was scared of mice and didn’t know how she was going to get indoors. She then asked me to have a quick look to make sure there were no other little critters lying about.  But what made me chuckle was after I got rid of the mouse she said, “How did you know that when you went to pick it up it didn’t come alive with some karate skills at you?”  I think she really believed me when I said, “I guess sometimes you just have to take a chance.”

So, I aided the damsel in distress and got to B&Q for some picture hooks, came home and hung some pictures and took the opportunity to move some pictures around the place.  I have an idea where to put the two large prints but will have to wait till next month before I can think about frames as they’re about £40 each…ouch!

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