Mr Omneo is happy…

Now, most of the blog titles I use have sometimes very cryptic connections with the actual content of the blog so it’s a change to be making a direct statement but the fact of the matter is, I’m happy.  Happy at what?  Well, a number of things snowballed and created one big gloop of happiness.

Today the postman brought me a bumper pile of post.  It felt a little like I imagined it might be like to wake on your birthday and find lots of things to open.  Only today was better because I wasn’t expecting the post which is the thing about birthdays.  There’s no real surprise, the same with Valentine’s day.  You always know when those suckers are coming around.

Anyway, I opened the one that I was immediately drawn to, an envelope that featured a comic scene featuring Wonder Woman.  While growing up I had a serious crush on Wonder Woman.  A sexy brunette who also happens to be kick ass at kickin’ ass.  So imagine my serious delight when I discovered it contained a CD from another hot brunette and one of my favourite female DJs, Kellilicious.

Also amongst my bundle of letters was a package from the US.  I had a pretty good idea what it contained…Cigars!  Over on the UK Cigar Forums there is an event run where you get drawn another members name and you send each other some cigars.  A way of allowing people to try out different brands and styles.  I had drawn a member in the US and so I smuggled off 6 Cuban cigars that I knew he wouldn’t be able to source legally within the US, ironically our packages both arrived on the same day and I have 4 non Cuban cigars to try which I’m excited about as I feel I’m already being brainwashed into thinking if it’s not Cuban it’s not good.  So this is a great introduction.

Another envelope contained some calendar magnets I had ordered for  I’m just awaiting delivery of the post cards and having some thoughts on what image to use for some folded notelets.

Finally, the biggest envelope…I opened it to find it was stuffed with CHOCOLATE!  I started to wonder if it wasn’t my birthday after all?! However I knew it was because of my new glasses from Glasses Direct.

I wear glasses for reading and VDU so usually wear them at work but not so much at home.  Partly I think because the pair I have at home are my old prescription.  So I decided to buy some new ones for work to enable me to bring the ones I wear at work home.

Glasses Direct seemed a perfect choice, I could check out loads of frames without some salesman breathing own my neck.  They even let you rent 4 sets of frames to try on at home before going ahead.  As an occasional user I wasn’t so worried so plumped for a pair I liked but I imagine if you wore glasses every day you’d want to try them on for real before going ahead and buying online.  I think 7 days elapsed from ordering to receiving them in the post which I thought was pretty damned good, especially as they were so reasonably priced.

So, I receive my glasses and I happened to mention it on Twitter.  I later see a reply from @Glasses_Direct saying they’re happy I was happy and what could they improve on.  Often sceptical as to what happens with all these comments I rarely go in for giving feedback and more-so because everything had gone like clockwork.  But I cheekily replied that the only thing that could be improved upon is the addition of chocolate…ergo 2 days later a package of chocolate arrives!

That is what made me happy.  There was no need for the chocolate, I’d already made a purchase so it wasn’t as if I was being offered a sweetener to win a sale.  But there was someone taking my comment seriously; I said chocolate could have improved my transaction and so chocolate is what I got.  I decided to buy the ‘2nd pair’ that lost out to the ones I now wear at work and of course there’s now another pair I like.  I’m wondering if it’s the height of laziness to want a spare pair to leave beside the bedside table?

But yes, overall a great day with its mix of music, cigars and chocolate!

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