There’s Absolut Rock in the house…

The week seems to have flown in.  It seems like just the other day I was out and about with a bus load of people in Paris and now the 7th day is arriving and all I have is the laundry and a mountain of ironing to look forward to…C’est la vie!  There are now some photos and a short video available in EuroStar’s Flickr Gallery and their YouTube Channel. I thought Sarah’s editing of the video was really well done, I’ve started to suspect she was the one getting all the diet coke on the train explaining why there was none every time the trolley came past me ;)

Anyway, that was all so last week…this week I was contacted by ABSOLUT who wondered if I had heard about the launch of their new ABSOLUT Rock limited edition release.  Now that I’m in self-imposed exile from the aqua vitae I seem to have nothing but opportunities to be tempted. This year I’ve accumulated 2 bottles of Russian vodka, a bottle of whisky and 2 bottles of wine not to mention the case of champagne under my bed! I’ve been to 4 private viewings and a private film screening and 4 or 5 pairs of theatre tickets as well as been offered bathtubs full of wine and champagne and of course that great day out in Paris last week.

Enough of all that, let’s get back to those nice people at ABSOLUT who are launching the Rock themed special edition with a rock themed competition, with a mind-boggling prize!  It all centres on the backstage riders of the performers who get up on stage and sing for their supper.  Have a look at The Smoking Gun which has details of demands every hundreds of well known performers.  Did you know that the Backstreet Boys insisted on 24 Peatnut butter and jelly sandwiches and 16 bottles of still water after every gig? or that that Van Halen warned caterers that: any caterer not providing adequate condiments, utensils or ice will be subject to a $100 fine? Nope, me neither.

Competition #1:

ABSOLUT and NME want to know what the most outrageous rider you have heard of is, or any urban myth about rock star requests you might have heard of. . And this is the bit I find mind-boggling, the winner will receive everything on their rider!

Don’t worry the question is just for fun so it doesn’t matter if you guess right or wrong (the piano was requested by the White Stripes if you can’t help but Google the question before clicking an answer..Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about YOU!  yes you, turning round to see if I’m talking to someone behind you, you know who you are ;)

OK, so the official prize is pretty awesome you have to admit.  My thoughts at the moment are all centred around Kelly Rowland, the Pussy Cat Dolls, a stress-free me and a tropical paradise…It may not sound outrageous but if you knew the detail of my thoughts Ooo la la!

Those nice people at ABSOLUT gave me a special edition bottle of ABSOLUT Rock and whilst I really want it I also feel that I can’t be greedy given all the booze I’ve already amassed this year.  I don’t wish to upset karma so I’ve decided that I will offer up the bottle as a prize.  I know that may not sound as grand as prize #1 but when you think about it, you stand a much better chance of winning as the readership of this blog is around 700 per month. You will need can enter via Twitter to enter (it only takes 2 minutes to sign-up) or simply leave a comment on this blog, it’s well worth your time as it’s a unique prize that will be the envy of your friends.

Competition #2

To be in with a chance to win a Special Edition bottle of ABSOLUT Rock simply send a tweet on which includes both the hash-tag #AbsolutRock and the URL or leave a comment on this blog.

And if those nice people from ABSOLUT are reading and think I’m being really nice for giving away the special edition bottle of Rock I won’t put up too much resistance if you offer me another one ;)

The competition closes at midnight GMT on Saturday 31 October 2009. The winner will be randomly selected from amongst all the Twitter ids that re-tweet the hash-tag #AbsolutRock together with a link together with the names of the people who leave a comment on this blog. All names/ids will be entered into my world famous random name selector and the winner will be contacted by 6pm GMT on Sunday 1 November 2009. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Mr Omneo reserves the right to disqualify any entrants who create/use false accounts with the sole purpose of trying to improve their chances of winning. Wow I think I’ve been reading too many of those backstage riders!  Anyway, GOOD LUCK!


  1. For anyone reading who is not using Twitter you can also enter by leaving a comment here. :)

  2. Couldn’t resist ;) Although I’ve never won anything in my life .. so I don’t actually know why ;) Anyways, fingers crossed lol

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