Presents: Live Friday featuring CocknBullKid

If you’ve been reading over the last few months you’ll possibly recall my posts on the and HP acoustic pop-up events that were held in what passed for Summer in London. I was able to make it along to see both Slow Club and Ghostpoet and in between Boxer Rebellion performed in Carnaby Street.

I’ve often wondered why I don’t hear more about gigs involving I vaguely recall things happening over the years but nothing regular. That could be either because there are no events happening or I’m not looking in the right places but as a long term user I would have thought they’d wanna tell me, or maybe they did and I’ve forgotten? That happens more than I can remember!

Well, from next month are bringing Londoners Live Friday, a monthly event featuring a selection of DJs and acts who are chosen by and here’s the good bit, users! OK, so you probably already guessed that, after all, what else is that massive database good for if not to find the kind of acts that people will want to see? If you’re even remotely geeky you’ll love the next bit…

This is how it works, identifies music listening trends from their hype charts, the data is taken from real time listening and is unsullied. From the data they know what is trending helping them identify who to book. This results in booking bands people want to see which ultimately means the event’s line ups being curated by users. Pretty neat eh?

The events kick off on Friday 7 October when CocknBullKid will be supported by Jess Mills and I am Harlequin and then follows on the first Friday of the month thereafter. Now, I have to admit I’m not hipster enough to actually have heard of any of the three acts until I found out about the gig but thanks to the wonders of, YouTube and Spotify that problem was quickly remedied. If you fancy going to the gig read on as there’s a competition at the end for a pair of VIP tickets.

CocknBullKid, real name Anita Blay, from Hackney has spent the last four years forging quite a distinctive pop sound, which appears to have worked as it won her a slot on Jools Holland.

Some might argue that’s no great endorsement. I just think you have to admire anyone who can use a line like You give me an asthma attack in a song and make it so catchy you end up singing it to yourself…or perhaps that’s just me?

When asked about her appearance at the very first Live Friday gig CocknBullKid said,

“All I’m saying is that there’ll be a story – a cradle to the grave journey.  And it will be very interactive. There may even be vogueing.”

If that doesn’t make you reach for your credit card to buy a ticket you obviously need to buy a ticket. Fair play to, they’ve tried to keep the prices reasonable, they’ve said they want to keep the tickets around the £10 range but of course you’ll have service and delivery fees on top so except to pay closer to £13-£14. Don’t get me started on being charged to print out your own tickets, on your own paper, using your own ink. You can buy tickets to presents Friday Live featuring CocknBullKid here

The next gig will take place on Friday 4 November and will feature the Indie band Art Brut supported by The Violet May and This Many Boyfriends, those tickets are priced at £11 before fees and you can buy them here.  From October-December, the gigs will take place at The Garage at Highbury Corner before moving to the HMV Forum at Kentish Town in January 2012.



Now, you could buy tickets to see CocknBullKid or you could enter the competition I’m running and win yourself a pair of VIP tickets that you can’t buy at any price. If you’re the winner you will have access to a VIP area for you and a friend and if that wasn’t enough you also go home with a very special goody bag of treats. (Apologies, due to unforeseen circumstances there will no longer be an opportunity to meet CocknBullKid)

How do you enter? It’s very simple, just answer the following question:

Where is CocknBullKid from?

*-*-* The Competition is Closed *-*-*

Your entry has to arrive before 10am on Friday 30 September 2011, the winner will be the first correct entry selected at random. Over-18’s only. Prizes are non-transferable. No cash alternative. Travel to and from the event is not included.