The Kipper Has Been Smoked

Well, it’s been all systems go at Omneo Towers since the last update which was way back in January. Why is it that even though we know time is measured in a¬†relatively fixed fashion, some days/weeks seem to last much longer (or shorter) than others?

For those eager to know if I managed to submit my Self Assessment form to HMRC without incurring a fine, the answer is yes! 3 days before the official deadline, which was subsequently extended due to industrial action somewhere or other.

I won’t try and remember everything that has happened between the last update and this one. There’s been a lot of stuff happen but obviously I haven’t thought any of it worthy of blogging. Well, that’s an untruth. I have thought about blogging plenty of times but I just haven’t been all that motivated to sit down at the computer and hammer out a few hundred words. Suffice it to say you will live comfortably not knowing what’s been going on in my world.

If you follow me on Twitter you my have saw that I told a close friend that for the last 8 years or so I have been pretty much enamoured by her and torn between telling her how I felt and risking a change to our friendship and living the frustrating life I have been living of saying nothing but not really being able to move forward. It’s very early stages but we are still friends and one day soon will figure out what, if anything, might work between us.

This fairly earth shattering development for me (telling someone how I feel) was quite liberating and I suddenly decided that I would embrace on-line dating, a few months after I cancelled my subscription to a fee paying site. In 18 months all I had managed to do was accrue a number of potential people to contact but I never actually got around to initiating contact with any of them. I therefore chose the slightly more drastic approach to kick start things. I went on a blind date with a female blogger who has chosen to chronicle each of her first dates as she strives to stop being a singleton.

I’m not sure what I thought was more nerve-wracking, the fact I had no idea what to expect as far as what the other person looked like or that my dating technique, or lack of, would be posted for all the Internet to see. Yes, the critique was worrying me more, more so because I have been on perhaps 3 dates in the last 7 years.

From the moment my date arrived it was obvious there was no attraction on either side but we seemed to manage to chat ok for around 2 hours before she indicated that it was time for her to go. A much shorter date than I had imagined but I can’t say that I was heartbroken as we were merely chewing the fat and chatting as friends and not as prospective lovers.

I was however amused to read her review which seemed to suggest that I was much keener than I was and she had had to run for a bus to avoid me asking her for another drink. The thought of asking her for another drink hadn’t crossed my mind!

The upside was that her review of the date was not as bad as I suspected it might be, given my long break from dating I assumed I’d struggle but she seemed to find me amusing and entertaining but then again, she knew I would be reading so I half suspect she held back anything terrible.

Right, let’s get this posted and with luck the next one won’t be three months away.

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  1. Oh internet dating, I used to do that before I packed it in and embraced my future as a spinster cat lady. Oh the stories I could tell.

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