Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner!

A quick update to the Nando’s story, which if you haven’t read you may want to put the kettle on, brew a pot of tea and catch up over here.

I received a tweet from Nando’s on Tuesday 3 July saying they’d read my blog and asking me to make contact with them via their contact us form. Whilst it was nice of them to finally make contact, if they’d read this blog they’d have found both an email and telephone number to reach me on the contact page but that’s a minor gripe (you wouldn’t expect me not to find a reason to moan somewhere, would you?).  In any event I submitted the form and waited.

On Wednesday evening I received a call apologising for the disappointing experiences I’d had at both the Stratford branch, for the failure to alert me to the soon to expire cards, and the one opposite Liverpool Street Station for the refusal to swap over the cards.

If you’ve read the earlier post you’ll probably detect how annoyed I was so it may come as no surprise that I’d thrown the old loyalty cards in the bin knowing that they were now worthless. The Nando’s rep who called advised that if I had kept the cards they would exchange them for me but as I’d thrown them away they weren’t able to do anything with regard swapping them over.

However, this morning I received a Chicken Cheque which will cover 2 combination meals. This was sent as a gesture of goodwill because they want to keep me as a customer. At this moment in time I’m still not in the mood to return but the cheque is valid until January so who knows, I may still use it.

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