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Holiday SceneI know I talk about my procrastination fairly frequently, some days I think about it more than others. Lately I’ve been paying it a lot of attention as it’s becoming quite frustrating.

According to a lot of old wives, procrastinators only procrastinate over things they don’t want to do; the boring chores etc. If only that were the case, take my bold holiday plans. Earlier this year I was determined to have a proper holiday, I’d set myself a budget, which grew by an additional 50%.

The criteria were fairly straightforward (I thought) Somewhere warm, a beach surrounded by crystal blue water, no free wi-fi, no likelihood of finding an Irish themed bar. You get the picture.

Initially I decided I was going to go to New York to visit a friend. Then I was going to Palestine with a nosey around Israel. Then I was going to go somewhere for Christmas. Currently I’m thinking Belize for Christmas.

Tomorrow? Who knows? Already I’m thinking should I accept that I’m not going to go anywhere this year and just save for somewhere nice next year, am I just delaying the inevitable when I write a post around this time next year discussing my inability to find a holiday destination? Far be it for me to encourage gambling but if someone were to offer you odds, I’d stick a cheeky each-way bet on it.

A friend recently returned from a week long cruise around the Med. Now, when she told me she was going on a  cruise I was a little aghast, she’s only 30 and well, cruises aren’t cool, or are they? Given I’m not exactly the purveyor of cool I’ve opened my mind to the idea of spending a huge chunk of loose change to holiday on a floating hotel.

I say I’ve opened my mind up, it may take my wallet a little more time to adjust before cruises 2014 becomes a reality tho. If money were no object I imagine it would be a totally decadent way to travel, leisurely drifting from one point on the globe to another.

A trip available from Fred Olsen Cruises departs from Southampton to the Caribbean and Cuba and returns 34 days later. For two people that’d be around £3,000 each but for the lonely single cruiser, a single cabin will set you back a tidy £4,359. That’s a heft single person supplement. Perhaps I’m not ready to be sold on the charms of holidaying on a cruise liner.

The Christmas break to Belize is a bit extravagant but sounds quite appealing the more I think about it.I initially laughed off the notion when flights started coming in at £1,500-£2,000 but after 20 minutes and a handful of cost-comparison sites I’d whittled that down to a less eye-watering £790. It’s just a matter of securing accommodation…easier said than done when there’s only 3 months to go, right?


  1. If you have previously told people that you were going to make changes in your work situation when you got back from that holiday, pushing back the holiday means procrastination on two fronts. I’m just saying.

  2. Now, that is something to ponder. Perhaps this procrastination malarkey has me in a stronger grip than I imagined or quite possibly I’ve forgotten what it is I was originally procrastinating about.

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